About Us

Do You Want More Customers Now?

My name is Larry Haines and, like you I’m a certified instructor. I am also a really good business coach that focuses on getting instructors like you more clients giving you more money.

You know that the gun industry is booming right now!

Inventories are low and hard to come by and the cost of ammo is through the roof when its available.

So, why aren’t you getting more business?

Why aren’t you filling all of your classes and events?

I can help you because I’ve been through the grinder before. In fact, over and over again and each time results were critical.

Years ago, I was in your shoes. I was in the dog-eat-dog world of corporate America. I was hired as the 758th account manager and was told to “Go find business”. It was a major struggle until I learned how to leverage my communication and sales skills with this new thing called the “World Wide Web”.

I went from 758th to #2 in 11 months. If I would have been hired one month earlier, I would have been #1 because I missed it by just a few thousand dollars. I went from $0 dollars to over $3,000,000 selling mostly $0.03 and $0.39 cent items. That’s A LOT of product!!

I tell you this true story because if I can do it you can too! If you really want to succeed, model what successful people do. That’s what I did; I asked for help and I modeled what others were doing and it worked like a charm. Everyone, including my bosses, thought I was a genius.

Fast forward to today. Results matter. Here is a picture of an event we put on with 68 people attending in the middle of the week.

If you would allow me to do this for you, in one night you could make up to $1,360 for the same size crowd. If we did this same type of event with 100 people you could make $2,000 in about 2 ½ hours. Does that beat your typical class income?

RESULTS You Can Count on!

Do You Want Results Like That? If the answer to that question is “Yes!”, here’s what I want to offer you for free. That’s right, FREE.

I believe in finding out what’s working and copy it. To help you do that I have started a Mastermind Group. For those of you that don’t know what a Mastermind Group is, click HERE.

Here’s what we are going to do for you (but only if you put in the work). I’m not your mom and even though this is a Free Mastermind Group, you will be held accountable to doing the things that make you more money.

What’s the fastest path to cas?

Everyone wants to see results right away, so here’s the “ACES” process we will use to help you succeed.

  1. Assess what you are doing now?
  2. Create an action plan you can use right away to start earning significantly more money.
  3. Employ proven methods to increase your sales and gain more clients.
  4. Systematize your process to get leads, convert leads, and keep customers coming back.