If your marketing efforts aren't putting butts in seats or people in a shooting bay, it's not working!

That is NOT OK and needs to change.

Learn how you can 2X-10X your lead generation now, and easier with less time than ever before. We automate most of the processes which helps maintain your revenue if trained employees leave. We shoulder burdens that you don't have time for now and increase leads with targeted lead generating campaigns working 24/7 to increase your income per customer.

Book a call with us and get 30 Hot Leads from your own local area, Guaranteed.

With Over 1,000,000 Guns Per Month Sold, Why Aren't You Getting A Bigger Piece Of The Prospect Pie?

STOP Throwing Revenue Away!

  • Never miss another LEAD again,

  • Never miss another CALL again,

  • Never miss another TEXT again,

  • Never miss another DM again,

  • Never miss another CHAT again,

  • AND never miss another paying customer again!!!


Growth is the objective of your businesses. It's been a crazy few years with more to come. Your competitive advantage is communicating with customers efficiently, effectively and quickly


Use technology to never miss a customer inquiry again & turn leads into customers
Advances in SaaS Software allow A.I. to be used coupled with integrations never before available to small business.

Increased Productivity & Cost Savings

Use fewer people to talk to more customers using automation and workflows which means big savings to your operating expenses and lowers your cost of acquiring new customers.

What We Offer

-Great Content Ideas

-Memberships vs one time visits

-Global Inbox - never miss another lead again!

-Immediate Reputation Mgmt.

-Consistently higher SEO rankings

-Tracking & managing workflows

Don't Miss Your Targets!

We Get You Results!

When results matter, how quickly you respond to an inquiry, a missed call, or an unanswered chat message, counts. If you don't respond in a minute or two, you lose them. How many of these aren't you answering?

  • You are 391% more likely to lose customer leads if you don't respond within a couple minutes. (Harvard Business Review)

  • How long do you wait on hold or in a chat message with no response?

  • You can use Global Inbox to automate the responses so, even if a human doesn't respond, your customers sees you respond and are much more likely (400% more) to not call someone else.

Let's Work Together

What We Offer


We listen and understand what you need and want before we discuss if we can help you reach your goals

  • What's your "Why"? Are you tired of ads not working? Do you want more growth?

  • We discuss where you are now? Revenue, marketing, KPIs, metrics like cost of acquiring a new member/client.

  • Discuss where you want to be over your relevant time concerns.

  • What are your biggest challenges? What's holding you back?

  • Then, we discuss if we can help you and if you want our help now?

Free Consultation 15-30 Minutes

Digital Systems Marketing

We use a SaaS Software to develop workflows, lead funnels & automations that maximize sales.

  • Onboarding is a step by step process used to integrate your communication channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, etc. into the platform.

  • Start getting leads in 48 hours and implement substantial marketing efforts starting in 2-3 weeks depending on you.

  • You are involved. We help you to meet your growth goals without more ads and without more people.

Implement in 48 hours to 3 weeks typically

Assess & Address

By periodic assessments based on data, we work together to refine, adjust, amend, and redefine processes for improvement.

  • For the 1st month, we check in at least once a week to make sure things progress in a timely manner

  • Thing should be running smoothly and we monitor the lead flow for obvious problems.

  • At 90 days we will meet to recap the current status and see if you want to ramp up even more or maintain the robust growth you may desire.

At 90 days we evaluate & move toward more success

Wes P.

Owner, Magnetiks Internet Marketing Group

"I've known Larry for about two decades and watched him succeed over and over again. His recent help on my business expansion into the European Auto Repair niche was very helpful. Use him, he's good!."

Lisa D.

Training Instructor

"Lisa is the best person that can help you out, she was very helpful and knowledgable".

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does It Take To Build Out Campaigns?

You can roll up your Global Inbox and connecting your Facebook, GMB account, Instagram, etc., in 24-48 hours.We make it very easy to connect everything including texts, DMs, Facebook pages and ads, Google chat and calling, emailing and more.The more requirements you have, the longer it will take because there is more interaction between us. (i.e., a website would need content which you would provide. The sooner we get it the sooner you can go live.)

How are you different from other brand & digital marketing agencies?

We offer the platform, you provide the offers. What we mean is that your offers, ads, promotions are up to you. We provide templates and workflows that are tested and proven. They work but if you promote an ad that offers no value to the customer, it won't produce good leads. We bring the consumer's point of view and can offer advice on what is working in the industry in different parts of the country.

What if we want more features in the future once we start getting results. Can we upgrade?

Of course! Your success is our success. We want you to become lifelong customers where we work as a team to meet your goals, help you achieve your dreams and become good friends. As you grow, you can join our V.I.P. "invitation only" group where we bring in industry experts and work with ranges and instructors from around the country to help each other grow and achieve success.

Do you help with strategic initiatives when we become customers of Guns and Gab?

Absolutely! We have data on what is working and what is not. We see offers, campaigns, and customer services that may work around the country. We share strategic information exclusive to our customers that will help you grow your businesses locally. We track results through all of our customer facing channels so you can see what is working.

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